Controllership Functions

    There are quite a few small and medium businesses that have junior and intermediate accounting staff but cannot hire senior accounting staff due to budget restrictions. GTA Tax and Accounting Services Inc. offer solutions to these businesses where we can provide controllership service within your budget. Please consult us on details of these services and how we can help you manage your business with minimum accounting staff to keep overheads low.

    Internal Controls for small businesses

    No matter whether your business is small, medium or large, Internal controls are integral parts of your business, though most of the time they are not visible or not deliberately put in place.

    Lack of internal controls may lead to direct or indirect losses in various forms that can seriously affect the profitability and financial health of your business. Some of the examples are listed as follows:Theft or shrinkage of cash or merchandise, Theft of time by employees, Over payments to vendors, Excessive discounts and credit notes to customers, Not availing the discounts offered by the Vendors for timely payment

    Please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can help your business analyze, establish or improve internal controls specific to your business and provide customize solutions.

    International Students

    If you are an international student in Canada, you must file a return if you have to pay tax or if you want to claim a refund. In some other situations, you need to file a return if you want to apply for the GST/HST credit or any related provincial credit or if you, your spouse, or common-law partner want to receive the Canada child tax benefit payments.

    Since most of the students are allowed to work during their study permit, certain payroll deductions can be fully/partially refunded upon filing tax return on a timely basis.

    You may also want to carry forward or transfer the unused part of your tuition, education, and textbook amounts, report income for which you could contribute to a registered retirement savings plan, or claim the working income tax benefit.

    Please contact us for a free consultation where we can advise you and help you file your tax returns to maximize the tax benefits.