Business Start-Up

    Starting up a new business can be very overwhelming process, GTA Tax and Accounting Services Inc. is dedicated to assist you with this important task and make your new-business experience pleasant by providing a wide range of consulting services.We can provide you with an insight into the accounting aspects as well as tax implications associated with your business based on experience and market facts as we possess a vast clientele in many business sectors. We can help you decide whether to do business as a sole proprietorship, under a partnership or under a corporation. While there are many online resources that can provide some information, our experienced associates can meet you in person to understand your business situation, your business goals and provide you advise accordingly.

    Name Search & Incorporation

    While having a name for the business is important, it is even important to register it so that no one else can use that name and you continue to have legal right to use name you choose to carry on your business. We can help you in the process of business registration and name search for your new business. If forming a corporation is most suitable or required by you, we can assist you with the incorporation of your new or existing business.

    Business Plan

    While trying to obtain finances in the form of loan or a credit line, most of the financial institutions require a business plan to be submitted for review. This business plan is the key document that provides the bank complete knowledge about the business, its profitability, its short-term and long-term cash flows and the net worth of the business. Our experienced consultants can prepare business plans for obtaining finances from financial institutions. These business plans are prepared in consultation with you so that you can use these not only for obtaining funding from banks, but also to analyze and track business results on an ongoing basis and plan the future growth of your business.