Personal tax preparation may seem simple task and there are various tax software programs available in the stores or available online for filing personal tax returns (T1 returns). However, the complexity of the Income Tax provisions may sometimes be difficult to interpret resulting in missed tax deductions/ credits. Our team of professionals and experienced consultants work hard to make sure that no tax deductions and tax credits, that you are entitled to, are missed out.

    We devote adequate time with each client to understand their individual tax situation as well as family tax situation and ensure that the tax planning and tax treatment is optimum to the needs of the client. Needless to say, incomplete and inaccurate tax returns may cause delay of the tax assessment by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and often result in costly consequences in terms of higher taxes, interest and penalties.

    We assure you that the benefits derived from our quality services may significantly outweigh the nominal cost of our services.

    Business Taxes

    Our team of qualified and experienced tax professionals offer explicit tax services to a wide variety of clientele ranging from small to medium size businesses. Whether it is a Sole Proprietorship, a Partnership or a Corporation, filing business tax returns may be challenging and time consuming experience. We analyze your unique business situation and discuss with you appropriate tax planning to ensure tax minimization strategies on short-term as well as long-term basis. While you focus on your business goals, we can take care of your tax filing requirements. Our firm's e-filer status allows us to e-file all your business tax returns that significantly reduce the processing time.

    Corporate Taxes

    As complicated and tedious corporate taxes can be, it is very important that you file your corporate tax return with the CRA within 6 months of your corporation's year-end. Since most businesses choose calendar year (January - December) as their financial year, the deadline for filing corporate tax return (T2 Return) is end of June of following calendar year. Failure to abide by this deadline can result in a considerable amount of penalties and interest. GTA Tax and Accounting Services Inc. have a dedicated team of professionals capable of handling tax returns for your Corporation. We thoroughly assess tax situation for your corporation and ensure that you benefit from all possible tax credits and tax deductions to optimize your tax situation. Please contact us for your corporate tax filing requirements. We are authorized to e-file your corporate tax returns.

    Assistance with CRA Audits

    CRA conducts regular audits to ensure the fairness and integrity of the self-assessment tax system. These audits are selected either on a random basis or based on any red flags raised due to inconsistencies or errors in filing the tax returns. We provide audit ready bookkeeping services to our clients to keep them prepared for any potential audits. Our experienced consultants well understand the scope and complexities involved with the audit process. We deal with CRA on your behalf while you focus on your business without being intimidated with the Audit. Contact us as soon as you receive the audit letter from CRA and we will work on your behalf to eliminate stress and help you avoid or reduce penalties and interest, if any.